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Premium Syngonium Blend

Premium Syngonium Blend

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Using a Blend of:
Coco Coir, Worm Castings, Activated Charcoal, Zeolite, Grit, Bark

About the Syngonium Soil Mix:
This blend contains a mixture of porous and non-porous materials to create a fast draining and adaptable mixture. High amounts of Coco and bark allow this mix to retain moisture when saturated. The mix has similar properties to our Monstera and Philodendron mix, however has a finer grade of aggregate to suit Syngonium’s medium to small sized roots. As they can tolerate heavily waterings, we have added non-porous grit to act as a balance in the mix, allowing the mixture to begin to dry up in spots creating a slowly, even drying blend.

What Syngonium want from their soil:
These plants want mild moisture, organic matter and plenty of small to medium air chambers. As hemiepiphytes, bark is ideal in their mixture, as well as other moisture retaining elements such as a high coco coir percentage. Providing non-porous aggregate such as Grit is useful as a tool against overwatering, which is particularly common with Syngonium as they do thrive in moist soil. They are quite adaptable and if  the soil is left dry for longer than normal they will continue to grow, but at a much slower rate than if the substrate was kept lightly moist. It is advised to water in small amounts  and often so the plant never too wet and never too dry. Always allow the soil to partially dry before adding a small top up of water. If you want to water heavily, allow the mix to dry out fully first.

As with all of our Premium mixes a population of positive bacteria, mycelium and microfauna is present in the substrate to create the potted ecosystem which keeps your plant healthy! Enough nutrients for the first 2 months of growth is also in every bag along with our specialist nutrient storage component, Zeolite.

Ideal For: (See our Houseplant Index)
Eyelash Begonia, Ferox Begonia, Maculata Begonia, Palm Leaf Begonia, Red Ruby Begonia, The Striped Begonia, Crotons, Earth Star, Green Ripple Peperomia, Lilian Peperomia, Luna Red Peperomia, Moonlight Peperomia, Napoli Night Peperomia, Piccolo Banda, Rosso Peperomia, String of Turtles, Persion Violet, Glauca, Moon Valley, Shiny Creeping Charlie, Silver Tree / Bronze. Check our Houseplant Soil Guide for more.

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Then check out our Houseplant Index! We've done all the hard work for you, simply search your plant's name and the guide will tell you it's preferred mix.

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  • 100% Peat Free

    All of our mixes are fully peat free, 100% freshly made to order and packed with beneficial microfauna. The natural stuff your plants love and need for healthy growth and nutrition.

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    Our products are trusted by houseplant enthusiasts of all experience levels and it's because of that, our soil is used internationally. Still unsure? Check out our reviews on Google!