You Grow, Girl!

At Soil.Ninja we believe in making high quality, sustainable sourced soil mixes made available in storage-cupboard friendly sizes for normal plant folk like you. Our goal is to make it super easy for everyone in the plant community to pick up a premium soil mix and re-pot that Monstera you've been putting off for ages, without it costing the earth (pun intended).

All of our premium mixes are made with the very same components we sell, so if you reckon you need more of a custom blend, we provide everything you need to do it yourself with the same quality ingredients.

All of our products are made fresh, daily and by hand in Lincoln, England. As a business, we make a conscious effort to be as eco friendly as possible. All of our packaging is fully recyclable and we have a terrible allergy to peat moss which you wont find anywhere near our mixes.

We already know how much you love your plants, so it only makes sense to give them the dirt they need to thrive! Once repotted, just follow your trusty green-thumb as normal and let your plants do the rest of the work! Now, lets go get dirty!

The Soil Ninja Team