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Moss Poles

Moss Poles

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These D-Shape Moss Poles provide adequate support and encourage plants to develop larger, more mature leaves. Additionally, the poles can be filled with various substrates other than our Sphagnum Moss, try them with soil blends, bark or even tree fern fiber.

Made from high quality, foldable, recyclable plastic and shaped like a D to support climbing plants effectively. They feature honeycomb or hexagon-shaped cutouts, enabling aerial roots to penetrate and anchor into moss or other fillings within the pole.

It's essential to water the substrate from the top to maintain moisture in the moss. The honeycomb structure enhances airflow and offers ample space for aerial root growth. Adjustable tabs accommodate different pot sizes.

These poles are constructed from recyclable plastic and are available in black or a frosted finish.


Moss Pole Tips
A 5L bag of our Sphagnum Moss will fill 2x large poles, 2x medium poles and 2x small poles. This does depend what adjustments you set the medium and large poles to, and how much you pack the poles with moss. The thinest width will allow for the moss to go further.

To ensure the moss pole is secured and stable, make sure you insert the base of the pole a few inches into the soil, allowing the soil to hug the pole into place.

If you tend to over water your plants and you don't want the moss in the pole to be submerged within the soil or hydroponic substrate, we recommend leaving a few inches of space at the bottom of the pole and then insert the substrate that the chosen plant will be potted into. You can even replace the bottom few inches of the pole with Clay Pebbles, or any aerating component of your choice.

A great way to rehydrate your Sphagnum Moss within the pole, is to recycle an empty water bottle and poke a tiny hole in the cap and fill it with water, (and fertilise if you're feeling fancy). Place the bottle upside down into the top of the moss pole, and let the water trickle down and slowly hydrate the moss.


Mini - 30cm approx / 5cm width
Small - 35cm / 6cm width
Medium - 40cm / 7.5cm width


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