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Molar Clay

Molar Clay

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Popularised in Bonsai and cactus culture, this component is a real show stopper. It's exceedingly porous but has the extreme ability to pull water into it's structure and hold onto it for extended periods of time, bringing moisture alongside unparalleled drainage.

With this clay being a higher density than many other clay aggregates, it's pH is slightly higher but unless constantly moist will not affect the overall pH of the blend or container it's being used in. It also has the added benefit of letting you know when it's time to water as it clearly changes colour back to a very bright orange (dry) from a dusty brown (wet).

Additionally, Moler Clay promotes drainage by allowing excess water to pass through, reducing the risk of water logging and root rot. It's ability to create air pockets within the soil enhances aeration, facilitating oxygen circulation to the roots and soil microorganisms.

Overall, Molar Clay contributes to creating an optimal environment for plant growth, promoting healthier and more resilient houseplants.

Our Moler Clay grade ranges between 2-6mm

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