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Direct from Japan, this clay aggregate is unmatched in it's ability to hold nutrients and moisture whilst never compromising excellent porosity. It's totally neutral in pH, perhaps leaning towards lightly acidic if left wet for extended periods of time. It's also a tremendous option for increasing surface area for beneficial bacteria and fungi to support secondary fibrous roots in it's fantastically complex porous structure.

Akadama clay is renowned for it's role in traditional bonsai cultivation, where it's properties are particularly valued for promoting root development and overall plant health. Bonsai enthusiasts appreciate it's ability to mimic the natural conditions of mountain soils, fostering the intricate root systems necessary for miniature tree growth.

Additionally, Akadama's unique texture and colour make it a favoured choice for bonsai enthusiasts, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of miniature landscapes. It's natural beauty is further highlighted by it's characteristic fizzing and crackling when watered, adding a soothing sensory experience.

Our Akadama grade ranges between 2-8mm

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