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Mr. Jig

Extension Kit

Extension Kit

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They're here, they've arrived! One of the most highly requested items for the store since we launched the original Mr. Jig Moss Pole has been extension kits and now we're happy to say they're here. Got a Philodendron in need of some extra climbing space? Grab an additional 190mm or 175mm extension and attach it to your existing system! Available in all Black and White as a plug and play addition to the original Mr. Jig Moss Pole kits.


190mm Moss Pole - (Large Only) Black and White
175mm Pole Extension - (Small Only) Black and White



  • Some loose lines can be seen around some of the screw threads, pull these off with fingers or tweezers gently.  
  • When screwing parts together the first time screwing together could be a little stiff, tease it gently unscrewing a little before going again. 
  • When screwing poles together, hold the parts close to the ends which are being attached together, this will avoid strain on the helix which could cause the pole to snap.
  • Extreme weight can cause the pole to snap. Please be mindful of what you are attaching to the poles.
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