Understanding Worm Castings - The Soil Ninja Component Guide

Understanding Worm Castings - The Soil Ninja Component Guide

Frass, castings, manure, poop - what ever you prefer to call this miraculous, marvellous amendment. Today, let's talk about worm castings!

So, the idea of putting worm poop in our pots seems a little weird at times, but trust us, there really is nothing quite like it. Filled to the ABSOLUTE brim with macro/micro nutrients, this will take your soil structure, root support and full tilt hydration to the next level!

With a better humus level than compost and insane levels of fertilisation potential, just adding this into your soil mix or as a top dressing will dramatically improve your green babies access to bountiful food!

As this lovely substance comes from our beloved worm butts, do expect some little friends to tag along in the bags from time to time. Baby worms, Springtails, Isopods, all of these amazing arthropods are brilliant to have as house guests for their ability to target and destroy rotting plant matter, dead roots and nasty fungi. They'll process this material and turn it into perfectly edible nutrients for your plant! And that's not all, beneficial bacteria, fungi and microorganisms also request this nutrient rich material - they too are integral to a healthy root system.

FYI - this is just how worm castings are produced on a much smaller scale, think 30,000 worms in a giant drum.

If you aren't down with some extra houseguests, just popping the substrate in the microwave at 20 second intervals for a minute or so will rid it of all living matter.

Still feeling a little weird about worm poop toppers or blends? How about worm poop tea? Compost tea usually takes quite some time to form before irrigating into beds of plants, but with just a couple table spoons of worm castings and some warm water, you can make a nutrient rich kicker for watering or semi hydro plants!

*Just remember to strain out the Worm Castings if you don't want them in your soil or if you’re using the tea for semi hydro babes*


In Summary

  • Houses amazing Arthropods such as; Baby Worms, Springtails & Isopods
  • A natural way to fertilise your plants
  • This component has multiple uses
  • Fantastic with moisture retention
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