Understanding Horticultural Sand - The Soil Ninja Component Guide

A micro aggregate which makes an ideal component for plants with complex and small root systems. Sand is an age old soil amendment that provides a superb composition when mixed in well!

Sand absorbs very little water because it’s particles are relatively large. It also helps to reduce 'clumping' around roots - making it easy to work with and take off when repotting a plant. Intricate and sensitive roots will cling around the soil mix and sand will help to create a perfect gradient for their own drainage and support. Let’s not forget, it’s great for fungus gnat control too!

We love working with Sand and we don't just mean making castles.


In Summary:

  • A top layer of sand can help prevent your plants from fungus gnats
  • Perfect component for plants with fine and delicate root systems
  • It collaborates with other mediums to provide extra drainage
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