Understanding Grit - The Soil Ninja Component Guide

Understanding Grit - The Soil Ninja Component Guide

Lithophytic behaviour? If that term makes you squint, just think 'Rock lovers!' and the best way to appease rock lovers in the home? Grit! An inert and brilliant potting medium that adds some seriously dense flare.

Grit is a fantastic amendment or even base for many xeric plants, particularly species like North American Cacti which all live in super rocky terrain or even just in the cracks of rocks themselves. Obviously you don't need to totally recreate that in our homes, but using a substance blend with a heavy base made from grit, is a bloody fantastic way to get those tender, rock loving roots to spring into action!

Grit not only improves drainage but aids in natural behaviours of xeric plants. For example; when astrophytums or lophophora cactus are dehydrated they will retract against their roots and pull themselves further underground to avoid more intense sun. This can only happen if there is a heavy sediment like grit in the potting mix!

Even if you don't keep lithophytes, grit as a plant pot topper is BEAUTIFUL, and stops the proliferation of fungus gnats! Still wary of a heavier material like grit in your potting mix? Well, we highly recommend having a go with it and checking out all the fabulous things you can do with it in terrariums, pot arrangements, seed growing and even aquarium keeping! It's truly a fantastic material that brings a whole lot of raw natural presence to our curated plant homes. Try it for yourself!


In Summary:

  • Ideal component for xeric plants
  • Used as a plant topper - it helps to prevent fungus gnats
  • Grit provides excellent drainage
  • Great component to use in terrariums
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