Understanding Coarse Pumice - The Soil Ninja Component Guide

Understanding Coarse Pumice - The Soil Ninja Component Guide

Coarse Pumice maybe familiar for it's dry skin shaving capabilities - but it's also a fantastic aggregate amendment for potting substrates! Pumice is a volcanic rock biproduct which has expanded in extremely high heat, then ground down into beautiful chunky rocks. It's much denser than perlite, so if used in a chunky, airy mix it won’t slowly float to the top of the pot with each watering!

It's porous nature means water containing minerals and nutrients can travel their way into areas of the pot that are drier and not compromise the fantastic air flow. Coarse Pumice is absolutely perfect for plants with chunky, THICK roots! They will wrap themselves comfortably around the Pumice’s high surface area.

You can push the boundaries of the component further by using this material on it's own in a high humidity environment for propagation - it's fantastic! You'll have extremely healthy and happy roots which begin to form very quickly with this as a medium!


In Summary:

  • Pumice is a fantastic way to improve aeration in a soil mix
  • It stimulates the growth of mycorrhizae
  • A brilliant medium for propagation
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