Understanding Activated Charcoal - The Soil Ninja Component Guide

Dark and mysterious, with seemingly magical properties. Does that pique your interest enough to take a closer look at activated charcoal?

This extraordinary component is in every single one of our mixes - simply because of it's expert levels of removing toxins and bad micro-organisms through trapping them in it's porous structure.

Whether it's chunky or fine, it has the ability to keep roots free of rot. We prefer a finer grade to match the grain size of other components and spread evenly across the entire substrate.

It ALSO doubles as a fantastic drainage element! With it's purely porous structure, it allows air to not only flow freely through it but cleans any stagnant pockets of air as well! The pH of activated charcoal can vary but airs on the side of neutral 6-7.5, making it a great buffer component in a soil with too much alkaline!

Tell us what you think of our dark hero.


In Summary:

  • Perfect component for every plant
  • Fantastic at removing toxins and bad micro-organisms
  • Helps to keep roots free of rot
  • The pH can vary but airs on the side of neutral 6-7.5
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