Worm castings – As natural as a fertiliser as you can get! Literally worm poo. Provides a complete nutrient palette for your plants to really show off during growing season. Mix into soil when repotting or add a top layer and water in to ‘re-fertilise’ a plant that’s still got room to grow.


As this lovely substance comes from our beloved worm butt's, do expect some little friends to tag along in the bags from time to time.  Baby worms, springtails, isopods, all of these amazing arthropods are brilliant to have as house guests for their ability to target and destroy rotting plant matter, dead roots and nasty fungi.  They'll process this material and turn it into perfectly edible nutrients for the plant! And thats not all, beneficial bacteria, fungi and microorganisms also request this nutrient rich material - they too are integral to a healthy root system! 

Worm Castings